How it Works: BLAK, GLOZ, and SATN, and DASH

Renew Protect products are a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. Renew Protect products are designed for maximum protection and longevity, thereby reducing your need for product purchasing and repeat applications.

Renew Protect’s SATN, BLAK, GLOZ, and DASH are designed to restore and protect the color and integrity of rubber, plastic, vinyl, tires, trim, bumpers, interiors, door panels, golf carts, seals, hoses, bed liners, dull paint, gel coats, finished leather, outdoor furniture, spa covers, awnings, signs, de icing boots, and more.

Renew Protect is unlike any other so-called “protectant.” Almost all protectants currently on the market contain petrochemical solvents that slowly degrade surfaces and cause fading and dry rot. Renew Protect is silicone- and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals. Renew Protect creates a solvent-free dry-seal.

Renew Protect prevents tire dry rot and greatly extends the life of items that receive an annual Renew Protect treatment.

Renew Protect is designed for true restoration beyond original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. SATN, BLAK, GLOZ, and DASH create a plasticizer-rich, elastomeric polymer, dry-seal finish. Renew Protect products are also infused with zinc and titanium oxides to block UV and ozone. The dry-seal repels dirt and water and creates a shiny new look lasting 1 to 2 years. Treated surfaces require only regular cleaning with mild detergent and/or water. This technology also serves to retard “blooming” and “off-gassing” processes and greatly enhance the retention of OEM protective elements in surfaces. Renew Protect BLAK also contains carbon black and is ideal for the restoration of faded black surfaces and their UV-absorbing, protective properties.