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GLOZ, BLAK, & SATN are fully Motorcycle-Safe. RENEW PROTECT will provide OEM restoration and multi year protection for grips, foot pegs, saddles, cables, tires, etc. 

Typical usage on a motorcycle is 2oz per year. 

"I have used the RENEW PROTECT products on not only my antique and modern motorcycles but also my truck tires with great success. They have been through months of sunshine and rain and still look as black and shiny as the day I put it on. I would recommend the products for anyone wanting protection and that continuous "new look"."
Louie Hale, Dixie Chapter President
Antique Motorcycle Club of America

"I use it on all my builds."
Evan Favaro, owner, designer and builder,
Speakeasy Motors

D3 RENEW PROTECT supplies essential elements that restore the original composition (OEM) of the substrate while creating a polymer/ceramic hybrid dry-seal ozone and UV block with strong thermal stability via silica quartz, zinc, and titanium nano oxides. This technology also slows the blooming and off-gassing processes and greatly enhances the retention of protective elements within the surface.

D3 RENEW PROTECT BLAK contains a high level of carbon black and is ideal for the full restoration of faded black surfaces. SATN is also maxed-out with UV radiative transfer agents, which gives a moderate to low shine achieved with oxides and nano oxides. GLOZ also contains these elements and provides a high direct reflective index and high shine.

These products can also be layered for even greater protection, longevity and enhanced color depth. This can be done with BLAK serving as a base coat, to be followed with one treatment of GLOZ or SATN.


"We are currently using it on all our showroom bikes and the detail guys luv it."
Candy, Wow Motorcycles

" I am very exited about this product. I truly believe this is what is needed in the industry, entering bike shows myself for many years, I was always looking for a product like this."
  Sincerely, Earl Yamada, (Achi) 808 Garage

"I had the pleasure of using some a couple months ago and loved the results!"
Alex Dublin, Torque Performance Motorsports

"We use this on EVERYTHING. Superb restoration and protection. Contact us for a discounted trial size. YOU WILL be back for MORE!"
Motion Cycles