"My 4 tires on my boat trailer have been in the saltwater and mud about 10 times since I applied it and they still look great!"

John Stiglich

"Love the stuff. We will order more soon!"

Stewart Springer, University of Florida Golf Club

"We are currently using it on all our showroom bikes and the detail guys luv it."

Candy, Wow Motorcycles

"This stuff is working great.

Lenny Versluis - Purchasing Manager | SNGC

It’s been raining here on and off for a week… This stuff does not come off, the mud and dirt, hose right off... I’m impressed!

Matt Osbourn

"WOW.....I mean WOW. I had my doubts about this product. I searched online and saw videos but still couldn't believe it worked until I applied it to my very faded golf cart plastic parts that were almost white in some areas."


"It's our go to for every detail. Makes maintenance super easy and never any greasy sling on the clients car. Looks great for months on end for them, providing amazing results and value for both us and our clients."

Hiro Ando, 6 Speed Mobile Detailing

"Superior product! No competition. 5 stars."

G. Faulkner

“ I will recommend this product highly. I mean VERY highly. After 2 years of just washing it still looks good. “

Teddy Finesman, Fleet Management

"I had occasion to try BLAK on some faded M/C saddlebags recently... they turned out great and the owner was very impressed. Renew Protect is a great benefit for my detailing work."


"This is very safe for motorcycles tires. I know because I've this on my motorcycles tires for about two years and use it nearly everyday for transportation and never had any problem with the tires maintaining traction...Very Safe."

E.R. Garnett

"I am very exited about this product. I truly believe this is what is needed in the industry, entering bike shows myself for many years, I was always looking for a product like this."


Earl Yamada, (Achi) 808 Garage

“I put it on my trucks tires well over a month ago and it looks just like the day it was applied still. Multiple rain storms, washes plus about 2k miles driven. Super impressed.“

Garrett Compston

"I would recommend the products for anyone wanting protection and that continuous "new look". 

Louie Hale - Dixie Chapter President, AMCA - Antique Motorcycle Club of America

"Renew Protect is so All-American (private enterprise) and you obviously and proudly belong in the online business. I wish that all online businesses would operate THANK 


"This stuff is amazing. I keep touching my tires because they look and feel brand new and don't feel greasy."


"This stuff is AWESOME! I I just got BLAK & DASH a couple weeks ago! It Beats anything I've ever used on cars! Made the scuff marks on my rubber mats disappear, and they are NOT SLIPPERY!"

Ross Gobble

"Both GLOZ and BLAK worked as advertised! Best product in its class hands down."

Jorge Velarde

“ Ps you have a fantastic product and nothing else comes close. “

Joe Cogliano

“ I use BLAK my 2002 Cooper and it really did bring the black trim back to looking new. It has held up throughout the long hot summer here in Arizona where the car is outside in all weather.“

Shirley Blahak, Pres. Arizona Mini Owners

“ I can say that applying the BLAK was fairly easy. A little goes a LONG way. I definitely have enough BLAK left to reapply next year. “

Richard H.

"I read about this in Trailer Life magazine. I now use this on my truck and camper and my company is now using this for all fleet autos. I am very happy with this product and one bottle goes a long way."


"Great stuff!"


" The best investment we have made for restorations on carts in years! We Love It! "

Debbie, Southern Dunes Golf & CC

“The products worked great!“ Thanks,

Peter, Los Angeles Country Club


Bill Bushnell

This products clearly out performs as compared to similar products. The components being tested have regained their “like new” color and seem to be retaining its shine and color much better than any other products tested. Great product!!!! 

Mike Snyder, Augusta Golf Cart

Since 2007

RENEW PROTECT provides Real Restoration and True Protection ™.

RENEW PROTECT is the only true protectant offering 100% OEM Restoration with advanced ceramic and copolymer hybrid technology for maximum longevity.

Designed for Tires, trim, vinyl, and flat paint surfaces such as bumpers, steps, powder coats, covers, de-icing boots, and much more.

Hawaii Detailing



FLEET Maintenance

Use D3 | RENEW PROTECT for added value and reduced labor costs ... and no toxic solvents or glycol run-off.

8 Week Tire Coating Durability Update