Total cost of yearly fleet golf cart maintenance with D3 RENEW PROTECT is only $9.28 per cart!

For regular WASHING, we recommend using a car wash soap, a soft-tip brush or wash mitt with light pressure, and a deionized water filtering system for fleets. For a prep wash to be followed with a full cart detailing, we use ZEP Truck and Trailer Wash. Make sure to follow instructions. This product has a high pH and can damage surfaces if used incorrectly. We do not recommend ZEP for regular washes. Please give ‘Magic Erasers’ (melamine foam) or dense foam cleaning pads a try for vinyl seats, scuffs, and hard water spots. Another option for HARD WATER SPOT REMOVAL is to use an acid wheel cleaner for your local auto parts store or a mineral spot remover.

We recommend two means of application: a microfiber towel for light spots or a large size Magic Eraser for stubborn areas.


A great labor saver trick is to polish and remove spots in one step. Apply spot remover to workable area and allow no more than 30-60 seconds for mineral deposits to soften. Now apply small amount of D3 | RENEW PROTECT CART/RV polish/sealer to Magic Eraser and buff. This will remove spots, correct the finish, and cut the labor time in half for this task.

Please read directions and wear recommended protective gear. Wheel acid and mineral spot remover are high Ph hazardous materials. See videos for more details.

The large size melamine foam we prefer:

Dry only with microfiber towels. Cotton and other fibers can scratch gelcoat paint and clear coat, acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures. Also, we do not recommend using glass cleaner. Better options for cleaning acrylic windshields and vinyl  enclosures are RP.11, your preferred spray detailer, or spray furniture polish.

Never use typical 'protectants.' Most all protectants are combinations of silicone, glycol, and solvents, regardless of what the label says. The solvents will slowly destroy any surface.

If it feels slick or greasy after application, it is full of solvents.

Recommended Products

Tires, Plastic, Vinyl, Undercarriage

BLAK: A favorite of the golf cart and RV industry, BLAK is great for tire dry rot prevention and color renewal on faded surfaces. BLAK contains a high amount of the competitive ultraviolet (UV) absorber carbon black to combat UV damage and fading. It creates a dry-seal UV block. The dry-seal also keeps surfaces much cleaner. Also good for faded painted metals such as the roof supports and undercarriage.
Apply to rubber, vinyl, and plastics every 1 to 4 years, tires and flooring every 6 months to 2 years.

Fleet Usage: 2-3 ounces per cart with annual application.

BLAK can also be used as a base coat. Followed by a treatment of GLOZ for a greatly enhanced finish.

GLOZ: Great for a high-gloss look on golf cart seats, plastics, and tires. GLOZ will restore faded surfaces and enhance color. GLOZ creates a dry-seal UV block. The dry-seal also keeps surfaces much cleaner. GLOZ is also good for faded painted metals. GLOZ can be used as a quick wipe-on for clear coat to restore faded and oxidized body panels (gelcoat). Apply to rubber, vinyl, and plastics every 1 to 4 years, tires and flooring every 6 months to 2 years.

For badly faded and/or scratched body panels, a machine buffing with D3 | RENEW PROTECT CART/RV is the best option.

Fleet Usage: 2-3 ounces per cart with annual application.

Cowls, Panels, Windshield

 RP.11: For maintenance and protection of new or detailed golf carts and new fleets, this is all you need. Unlike other spray products, RP.11 is designed for longevity. RP.11 is infused with SiO2 and TiO2 ceramics, polymer sealers, top-grade carnauba wax, and polishing agents. It will hold! RP.11 will clean, shine, and enhance color quickly and easily.

 This product is an easy way to maintain a new fleet, new carts, and freshly-detailed golf carts.

Fleet Usage: 4 ounces per cart with biannual application. 

Clean cart with RP.11 two times a year or more, and buffing will not be needed. Use on cart bodies, acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures. RP.11 can even be used on the plastics, but only after they have been treated with BLAK or GLOZ. Because RP.11 creates a slick hydrophobic surface, do not use it on flooring, steering, pedals, or seats.

 We are serious about golf carts, and CART/RV is a favorite for that exact purpose.

If your golf cart needs some intensive correction or just a serious polishing, CART/RV will fix it in a one-step process. With the use of CART/RV, you will see enhanced depth of color and shine. CART/RV is fortified with nano-ceramics and co-polymer sealers. CART/RV will also correct fine scratches, hazed acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures.

Fleet Usage: 2-3 ounces per cart with annual application.

For clear vinyl corrections, lay the vinyl on a firm but nonabrasive surface for buffing. Apply with a dual-action polisher. Use cutting foam, and/or polishing foam pads or microfiber towels. RP.11 is recommended for regular cleanings and extended protection.

Tire: BLAK on right, After 2700 psi pressure wash


“The product is great and we are very happy how our carts look after we use the product.”

Brian Schaffer, Director of Golf, Four Streams

 "We received trial products and the results of testing are great. Do you have larger quantities have for fleet of equipment?”

James Kennedy, Iron Horse Golf Club


I just did a cart and it looks amazing! Thank you for all your help, you have a great product. I even sent over a few pictures to our Club Car rep.

"The D3 | RENEW PROTECT products have proven to be absolutely wonderful.“

Tim Wells, Duke University Golf Club

"We received the sample pack you sent a few weeks ago and have started the detailing process of our carts. The products are working well and carts look perfect."

Kyle Leeper, Assistant Golf Professional, Indian Creek Country Club

"I make sure the guys keep the bodies of the carts clean. I personally like the GLOZ, I want my carts to shine. The cleanliness of a cart is the number one thing I check when I go other places, and something I harp on my staff here."

Will Bartram, Head Golf Professional, PGA, Lake Toxaway Country Club

“I will recommend this product highly. I mean VERY highly. After 2 years of just washing it still looks good.“

Teddy Finesman, Fleet Management