DASH - Permanent Interior Protectant & Dash Repair, Low-Glare Dry Seal & UV Block for Car Dash, Plastics, Coated Leather, Vinyl (1.2 oz per auto)

  • Only takes 1-2 oz per auto to create a COLOR-ENHANCING, low-glare, CERAMIC-INFUSED DRY SEAL on interior surfaces like rubber, plastic, vinyl, and coated leather

  • Forms a TITANIUM and ZINC-infused polymer/ceramic barrier that protects surfaces from UV and ozone

  • PREVENTS CRACKING, FADING, and REPAIRS sticky interior rubber coatings while restoring the elements of the original manufacturing process

  • BLOCKS STAINS and cleans up with just water and a microfiber cloth

  • NON-SLIP, SILICONE-FREE, OIL-FREE, and NO Toxic and Greasy Chemical Residue

  • Apply ONCE for the LIFE OF THE VEHICLE!


D3 | RENEW PROTECT DASH brings interior surfaces back to OEM color and condition. Using a combination of ceramic and acrylic compounds, DASH protects surfaces from UV and ozone damage and prevents dry-rot and cracking. DASH is designed for interior surfaces like rubber, vinyl, plastic, seals, and coated leather. Because it’s silicone and oil-free, DASH is not slippery and safe to use for all non-slip applications like steering wheels, shifters, mats, and more. 

D3 | RENEW PROTECT offers a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. Almost all protectants currently on the market contain petrochemical solvents that slowly degrade surfaces and actually contribute to fading and dry rot. Unlike those “protectants,” D3 | RENEW PROTECT is silicone- and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals.



"The DASH stuff works great and by far beats anything greasy. The fact that it isn't shiny and greasy are incredible benefits. I have not seen the dash look this good and stay this long except on a new car. A little goes a long way, and it is very easy to apply. By far the easiest to apply of anything I have used."

Ross Gobble, Mini Cooper Club NC

"My detail manager has used your DASH product. I personally tried it today on a 2014 Mercedes S Class sedan, and I loved the way it applied and looked. The

D3 | RENEW PROTECT products are a great addition!"

Jesse Rodriguez, Splash Car Wash