All D3 | RENEW PROTECT products combine titanium and quartz ceramics for extreme protective coatings.

Information & Recommended Products

Three main degrading agents attack spa covers and patio furniture:

1- Ultraviolet (UV) Light
2- Ozone
3- Protectants

All of these attack the long hydrocarbon chains of the plastic and vinyl by breaking these bonds, which shortens the molecules and causes a loss of elasticity and other properties. The results show as fading plastics, coated metals, and vinyl cracking.

1. Keep out of the sun as much as possible. This is a simple but often unavoidable. UV exposure is the number-one reason for fading and cracking outdoor furniture and spa covers.

2. Reduce ozone exposure. Ozone is a highly-reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It is both a natural and man-made product such as the ozone that is found in hot tub oxidizer. Ozone can cause substantial damage to a variety of materials such as vinyl, plastics, fabrics, paint, and metals. Exposure to ozone progressively damages both the functional and aesthetic qualities of materials and products and shortens their life spans. Damage from ozone exposure can result in significant economic losses as a result of the increased costs of maintenance, upkeep, and replacement of these materials.

3. Stop using so-called “protectants." Almost ALL of these types of products, regardless of manufacturer claims of being petrochemical-free, silicone-free, oil-free, or water-free, are some combination of silicone, oil, water, and emulsifiers. Emulsifiers, wetting agents, solvents, surfactants, dispersants, and detergents are all components of protectants. The oils and silicones require emulsifying, which enables spraying or wiping the product on and creates the wet, shiny look. These protectants simply enhance the appearance by providing temporary hydration and shine of the surface.

Vinyl surfaces have a protective skin that is depleted by off-gassing. Protectants dissolve the essential oils in the skin, hastening the premature formation of cracks in the vinyl and causing the accelerated fading. Although plastic surfaces have no “skin,” similar effects occur in them, resulting in plastic fading.

Keep in mind that a solvent will break down any surface over time! Most protectants would be more appropriately labeled as “cleaners with shiny stuff mixed in” and some manufacturers may not honor product warranties for damages if the use of such protectant products detected.

4. Consider your choice of cleaners. It is best to use lower pH or manufacturer-recommended cleaners. Another factor with hot tubs is the chemicals used for water treatment. A small percentage of these corrosive organic compounds will become micro-deposits on your spa fabric or vinyl cover as well as the enclosure.

The key to understanding all protectant products is:

If it feels slippery, it’s slowly drying your rubber, fading the plastic, and cracking the vinyl.

This is why HOME is an excellent polymer and ceramic-seal options for restoration and preservation. Get a permanent fix for fading patio furniture, fading plastics, and vinyl cracking with D3 | RENEW PROTECT. D3 | RENEW PROTECT supplies polymer and ceramic elements that restore the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) composition of vinyl, plastic, and rubber.


HOME creates a dry-seal ozone and UV block with infused zinc and titanium ceramic nano-oxides. This technology also serves to retard the blooming and off-gassing processes and greatly enhances the retention of protective elements within the surface. This dry-seal also keeps surfaces much cleaner. D3 | RENEW PROTECT BLAK also contains a high level of carbon black which is ideal for the restoration of faded black and gray patio furniture and surfaces. Carbon black is also a highly-effective UV absorber. D3 | RENEW PROTECT products are silicone-free, oil-free, and form a dry-seal with no active petrochemical solvents.