At D3 | RENEW PROTECT, we tend to have a car detail and testing session each week. But before we can properly test our products, the first step is a good wash. It is critical to follow some simple guidelines to ensure that you safely remove all dirt and residue that sticks to your car’s surfaces. To start, we always recommend using a long-arm, soft-bristle brush to make it easier to get at those hard-to-reach places. Make sure you are not using just a standard plastic bristle brush. Most of these types of brushes have tips hard enough to cause micro-scratches in clear coats. Also, use a minimum of a half bucket of water. This will allow dirt particles, sand, and other contaminants to drop from the brush to the bottom of the bucket. Dip the cleaning brush only in the top area of bucket to minimize cross-contamination.

High quality car wash soaps are pH-balanced so they will not break down existing car wax or paint sealants. They are formulated with lubricants like coconut oil which encapsulate dirt particles and allow them to be harmlessly rinsed away to minimize the chance of scratches and swirl marks.

Now that you’re almost done, take care, as the drying process is where many scratches originate. Use only microfiber towels or a leather (or synthetic) drying chamois. Cotton towels and other fabrics can finely scratch clear coats.

Now that your car is perfectly washed and dried, it’s ready for a quick wipe with a D3 | RENEW PROTECT product for a long-lasting finish.

Check out the how-to videos on our YouTube channel.

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Dorus ‘Chip’ Rudisill

January 07, 2021 — Dorus Rudisill