Imperfection After Application

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: White haze or imperfections after application?

The 'white' would be the polymers and ceramics not properly bonding.
New plastics, vinyl, and tires or protectant coated surfaces will all have silicone and solvent residues on or in the surface. This will prevent the RENEW PROTECT from actually bonding into the surface. This will create a weak bond in which the polymer bonds will quickly break and appear white. Surfaces must be completely free of protectants and manufacturing residues before applying. 
You will need to resurface by cleaning away the broken polymers with ammonia 20-30% blended with water or cleaner. Resurface and give the substrates a few weeks to bloom-out the silicones and solvents. 
February 07, 2023 — Dorus Rudisill