How to Prevent TIRE DRY ROT

An online search quickly tells you that tire dry rot is a big and expensive problem. Top search inquiries include “How to keep tires from dry rotting”, “How to tell if tires are dry rotted”, “How long does it take for tires to dry rot?”, and “Protect tires from sun damage.”

D3 | RENEW PROTECT BLAK has become a favorite tire dry rot prevention product in the RV and golf cart industries. Get a permanent fix for rubber, plastic, and vinyl fading and cracking with D3 | RENEW PROTECT - BLAK and GLOZ, which supply copolymer essential elements that restore the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) composition of the surface. D3 | RENEW PROTECT also creates a dry-seal ozone and UV block with infused zinc and titanium oxides. This technology also serves to retard the 'blooming' and 'off-gassing' processes and greatly enhances the retention of protective elements within the surface. This dry seal also keeps surfaces much cleaner. D3 | RENEW PROTECT BLAK also contains a high level of carbon black. It is ideal for the restoration of faded black surfaces, because carbon black is a competitive UV absorber. D3 | RENEW PROTECT products are silicone-free, oil-free, and form a dry seal with no active petrochemical solvents.

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