Renew Protect is a once-a-year true protectant that restores and preserves the value of your vehicles, patio furniture, and signage.

✓ Annual application

✓ Reduce fleet costs

✓ Non-toxic, non-slip

✓ Silicone- and oil-free

✓ Weather- and soap-proof

✓ Restores and maintains value

✓ Eliminates the need for tire cleaner

✓ Exceeds OEM specifications

✓ Offering test data results

✓ Offering private labeling




“ Incredible results restoring paint and vinyl on our signage. The products proved just as well on the stainless steel elevators. The protective coating holds up well on our heavily used elevator cars. The Renew Protect products proved a great choice for our needs and cost cutting .”
Ron Bradley
Chief Engineer, Double Tree Hilton Biltmore

“The Renew Protect products have proven to be absolutely wonderful.”
Tim Wells, Duke University Golf Club

“We have tested the products and we like it!
 I make sure the guys keep the bodies of the carts clean. I personally like the Gloz, I want my carts to shine. The cleanliness of a cart is the number one thing I check when I go other places, and something I harp on my staff here.”
       Will Bartram
Head Golf Professional, PGA
Lake Toxaway Country Club 

“The Cart solution is what we have been needing. It has really made our carts look brand new.”
Niko Brewer
Kapolei Golf Club

“My detail manager has used your Dash product. I personally tried it today on a 2014 Mercedes S class sedan, I loved the way it applied and looked. The Renew Protect products are a great addition. Dash is working great, we love it! We now charge $125 for the Dash treatment.”
Jesse Rodriguez, Splash Car Wash

” Thank you very much for the samples you shipped to me. I was very impressed with product and I would like to place an order with you. ”
Niko Brewer, Kapolei Golf Club

” Excellent products! Dries completely to the touch and finishes cleanly with a bit of practice and good prep. Wonderful choice for professional detailer to cut costs and get incredible results. Great stuff! ”

” The best investment we have made for restorations on carts in years! We Love It! ”
Debbie, Southern Dunes Golf & CC

“ The Renew Protect products have proven to be absolutely wonderful. “
Tim Wells, Duke University Golf Club

“It’s no lie folks, I’m a professional detailer who has been using this product for a long while now, the stuff is great! and motorcycle” safe.
Nicholas J. Nerone

“These products rock! I had been buying products off the shelf in automotive stores, when a friend turned me onto Renew Protect. Not only do tires and trim look new even after drying, they last many, many months. I have been doing a separate up-charge for trim restoration. The Blak works almost like magic and takes literally a few minutes to apply.”
Bill Coleman

“I had the pleasure of using some a couple months ago and loved the results!”
Alex Dublin, Torque Performance Motorsports

|I had occasion to try BLAK on some faded M/C saddlebags recently… they turned out great and the owner was very impressed. Renew Protect is a great benefit for my detailing shop.”

“I have used the Renew products on not only my antique and modern motorcycles but also my truck tires with great success. They have been through months of sunshine and rain and still look as black and shiny as the day I put it on. I would recommend the products for anyone wanting protection and that continuous “new look”.”
Louie Hale
Dixie Chapter President
Antique Motorcycle Club of America

“I am very exited about this product. I truly believe this is what is needed in the industry, entering bike shows myself for many years, I was always looking for a product like this.”
Earl Yamada, (Achi) 808 Garage

“I use BLAK my 2002 Cooper and it really did bring the black trim back to looking new. It has held up throughout the long hot summer here in Arizona where the car is outside in all weather. There is no sign of ‘greying’ again as we had with other products. Renew Protect is wonderful !”
Shirley Blahak, Pres. Arizona Mini Owners

“We are currently using it on all our showroom bikes and the detail guys luv it.”
Candy, Wow Motorcycles

“I received samples a couple weeks ago and we love the product. “
Mike Engler
Caddie Master
Colorado Golf Club

“ I will recommend this product highly. I mean VERY highly. After 2 years of just washing it still looks good. “
Teddy Finesman, Fleet Management

“ The Renew Protect samples you sent worked great! We’d like to set up an account for purchasing by the gallon. “
Mike Engler, Caddie Master,
Colorado Golf Club

“The DASH stuff works great too and by far beats anything greasy also and no film up on the windshield. The fact that it isn’t shiny and greasy are incredible benefits. I have not seen the dash look this good and stay this long except on a new car. A little goes a long ways and it is very easy to apply. By far the easiest to apply of anything I have used.”
Ross Gobble
Mini Cooper Club N.C.

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Qualities & Restorative Abilities

SATN, GLOZ, BLAK, and DASH are designed to penetrate and restore surfaces with polymers, plasticizers, and carbon black beyond original manufacturer (OEM) levels. Renew Protect creates a zinc- and titanium oxide-infused polymer dry-seal that blocks dirt, ozone, and UV. This technology also serves to retard “blooming” and “off-gassing” processes and greatly enhances the retention of protective elements within the surface. Renew Protect BLAK also contains carbon black and is ideal for restoring faded black surfaces and protecting them from UV damage.

Other Protectants & Renew Protect

Renew Protect does not contain silicone, petroleum oils, or active solvents as do all typical ”protectants.” Unlike those protectants, Renew Protect does not cause and excelerate dry rot and fading. Renew Protect does not create a slippery surface and a liability hazard. Unlike typical protectants, the use of Renew Protect does not void tire manufacturers’ warranties.

Volume Pricing & Inquiries

We welcome the opportunity to work on resolving your interior and exterior equipment challenges and cost reductions. To get started, please complete the form below. We understand your need to test and demo Renew Protect and would like to provide samples to you for environmental testing on your equipment.