Tip : : Car Washing
At Renew Protect we always have a car detail and testing each week. So, first step is washing. We utilize a long arm and soft bristle brush. Never getting your hands wet is a great bonus. Make sure you are not using just a plastic bristle brush. Plastic bristle which is not soft tip will scratch clear coats. Also use a minimum of a half bucket of water. This will allow particles, sand, etc, to drop from brush to bottom. Dip brush only in the top area of bucket.
High quality car wash soaps are pH balanced so that they will not break down existing car wax or paint sealants. They are formulated with lubricants, like coconut oil which encapsulate dirt particles and allow them to be harmlessly rinsed away so chances of scratches and swirmarks are minimized. never allow soap to dry on the vehicle.
Drying is where many scratches originate. Use only a micro fiber towel, leather, or synthetic drying chamois. Cotton towels and other fabrics will fine scratch clear coats. Look out for this at automated car washes.

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Dorus Rudisill
Product Development