• PROTECTION – Apply every 12 months to create a protective dry-seal that protects surfaces from UV rays, ozone, and other harmful environmental factors.
  • RESTORE AND PREVENT – Items that are kept outdoors and in the elements, can become faded and damaged over time. SPA restores faded vinyl, plastic, and (non wood) tub enclosures.
  • EXCEEDS OEM SPECS – SPA restores the very elements of the original manufacturing process (OEM).
  • SAFE – Creates a Dry-Seal Finish. SPA is silicone- and solvent-free!
  • ECONOMICAL — Annual Application, Only 1.5oz for newer covers and 2-3oz for weathered covers.


Spa Cover Kit

Preserve Value and Restore Function.

Give your faded items a new lease on life! Create a rich, dry-seal finish that lasts 1 year.

How it Works:

RENEW PROTECT : : SPA replenishes the plasticizers and polymers which have been damaged to usage and exposure and seals with a strong ozone and UV block. It repels dirt and water to give your surface longevity and weather protection and also prevents dry rot.

Use our plastic color restorer to have your faded items looking like new and back in OEM original condition.



Additional information

Weight6 oz

4oz, 16oz