RP.08 Buff-On Pure Ceramic


  • PROTECTION – Extreme fine finish polish infused with 30% titanium, quartz, zinc, and diamond nano-ceramics.
  • LONGEVITY – Provides hydrophobic properties lasting 6 months +
  • SELF-CLEANING – Hydrophobic finish, so less washing will be required.
  • PERFECTION – Professional fine-finish polish to remove micro to minor imperfections and scratches. Creates a mirror-like pure ceramic finish. Can be used as final prep for 100% ceramic coating.
  • VERSATILITY – Cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, windshields, stainless steel, acrylic and vinyl windows, shower doors, exterior glass, vinyl wrap, and more.


RP.08 – Ceramic Infused Fine-Finish Polish – Gaze, High Gloss, 30% Titanium, Quartz, Zinc, and Diamond Nano-Ceramics

Apply by hand or machine to: cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, windshields, acrylic and vinyl wrap, and more.

The only fine-finish polish cream infused with 30% titanium and quartz nano-ceramics.

PURE provides extreme hydrophobic properties and a high level of perfection and longevity. This finish is considered self-cleaning, so less washing will be required.

Use as a final detailing step or as a final prep for 100% ceramic coating. For regular cleaning and ceramic maintenance, use GLAS and/or RP.11.

For machine application, use polish or finish pad. Buff 2 x 2ft areas slowly at medium speed.

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8 OZ, 16 OZ