GLAS : : 64oz Refiller & 16oz Bottle / 80 ounce (2.36 Liter) Total



Renew Protect GLAS : : Silex-Ceramic SiO2 Hydrophobic Coating for Windshield – Whole Car & RV – Tires – Patio Furniture – Shower Door – Wall Tiles – Stainless Steel
GLAS is a spray ceramic sealer and can be used on the complete vehicle exterior. GLAS is also excellent for a hydrophobic seal on glass and clear acrylic. GLAS is also great as a final coating for multi-stage detailing and as a ceramic finish maintainer.
GLAS will add considerable longevity to any finish.
GLAS is not recommended on paint/clear coat in poor condition. To correct surface imperfections, please use RP.05 prior to use of GLAS or RP.11. For optimal performance on windshields, buff with CART, RP.05, or a similar compound prior to coating with GLAS.
Apply GLAS to cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, windshields, stainless steel, acrylic and vinyl windows, shower doors, glass, vinyl wrap, plastic and vinyl signs, and more.
GLAS creates a hydrophobic and slick surface.
RUBBER, PLASTIC, VINYL: For best results, pre-treat with Renew Protect’s GLOZ, BLAK, or SATN before using GLAS.
DO NOT USE ON: seats, grips, foot pegs, pedals, steering wheels, or flooring.


Longevity Rating: 6 months

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Weight80 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × 7 in