CART – Golf Cart, Heavy Equipment,  & RV – SiO2 Ceramic Infused + Polymer Paint Sealer + Advanced abrasives – One Step Finish
CART is designed for use on Gelcoat, acrylics, plastic panels, clear vinyl, windscreens.
CART is our dedicated Golf Cart, Heavy Equipment, and RV once-a-year, one-step product. CART is fortified with polymers, and nanoceramics, plus a blend of advanced abrasives that can remove serious-to-mid-level imperfections such as oxidation and scratches.
CART adds depth of color and leaves a mirror-like fine finish. 
Apply by machine for best results. For maintenance and regular cleaning, use RP.11, our ceramic-based spray detailer. For fine polishing to light level correction ability please see RP.05.
Apply to a clean and cool shaded surface. For dual action polisher, use foam cutting, polishing, and/or microfiber pads. Allow 10 minutes set time. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel. RP.11 can also be sprayed on to assist final wipe down. This will give additional color depth and longevity. VOC-compliant.



Product reviews:

” The Cart solution is what we have been needing. It has really made our carts look brand new. “
Niko Brewer
Kapolei Golf Club

” We have tested the products and we like it! I make sure the guys keep the bodies of the carts clean. I personally like the Gloz, I want my carts to shine. The cleanliness of a cart is the number one thing I check when I go other places, and something I harp on my staff here. “
Will Bartram
Head Golf Professional, PGA
Lake Toxaway Country Club

“ The Renew Protect products have proven to be absolutely wonderful. “
Tim Wells, Duke University Golf Club

“ The Renew Protect samples you sent worked great! We’d like to set up an account for purchasing by the gallon.”
Mike Engler, Caddie Master, Colorado Golf Club

“ I will recommend this product highly. I mean VERY highly. After 2 years of just washing it still looks good. “
Teddy Finesman, Fleet Management

“I received samples a couple weeks ago and we love the product.“
Michal, Caddie Master

“The best investment we have made for restorations on carts in years! We Love It! “
Debbie, Southern Dunes
Golf & CC

“I work for a company called Valley Custom Carts in Manteca, CA – and we had great results with the Renew
Protect products and are interested in becoming a dealer. Thank you! :)”
Stephanie Osoria, Valley Custom Carts

“I could not be happier! Prior to my purchase of Blak I read many of the reviews and watched the company’s you tube video on golf carts with the product. When the product arrived it took me maybe 30 minutes you apply it to my golf cart. Nothing can look better than a brand new product. Thank you Renew Protect for making my 12 year old golf cart look brand new. I love your product.”
Mike B, Facility Manager

Additional information

Weight22 oz

8oz, 16oz, 64oz