CART & RV : : 64oz Re-Filler & 16oz Bottle / 80 ounce (2.36 Liter) Total


CART – Golf Cart, Heavy Equipment,  & RV – SiO2 Ceramic Infused + Polymer Paint Sealer + Advanced abrasives – One Step Finish

CART is designed for use on gelcoat, acrylics, plastic panels, clear vinyl, windscreens.

CART is our dedicated Golf Cart, Heavy Equipment, and RV once-a-year, one-step product. CART is fortified with polymers, and nanoceramics, plus a blend of advanced abrasives that can remove serious-to-light imperfections such as oxidation and scratches.

CART adds depth of color and leaves a mirror-like fine finish.
Apply by machine for best results. For maintenance and regular cleaning, use RP.11, our ceramic-based spray detailer. CART can be buffed by hand or machine.

Apply to a clean and cool shaded surface. For dual action polisher, use foam cutting, polishing, and/or microfiber pads. Allow 10 minutes set time. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel. RP.11 can also be sprayed on to assist final wipe down. This will give additional color depth and longevity. VOC-compliant.

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We are serious about golf carts & RVs, and CART is a favorite for that exact purpose.

If your golf cart, heavy equipment, or RV needs some intensive correction or just a serious polishing, CART will fix it in a one-step process. With the use of CARTyou will see enhanced depth of color and shineCART is fortified with nanoceramics and copolymer sealers. Application is recommended once a year. CART will also correct fine scratches, hazed acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures. Usage: 4 ounces per cart or 16 per RV.

For vinyl corrections, lay the vinyl on a firm but nonabrasive surface for buffing. Apply by DA polisher 3amp or better palm sander. Use microfiber, cutting foam, and/or polishing foam pads or microfiber towels. RP.11 is recommended for regular vinyl cleanings and extended whole vehicle protection.

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