“  Finally had a chance to use the Renew Protect vinyl product today and love the results. Our hot tub cover looks shiny and new! Definitely recommend.  “  Carol

    “ We live at the beach and drive a golf cart. Sun and salty sea breeze is very harsh on everything and in the past, I’ve used another product to keep the bumper, etc looking and shiny black & not gray looking. I’ve used this product for about 2 mos and so far it is meeting my expectation. I love to have a nice looking golf cart, without having to keep applying product every few weeks. “     Javid M.

I also posted a review for the Blak after you applied on my tires at MOTD & it looks AWESOME!!! “ I can’t imagine not ever having this on my tires!! “  Ana Deoliveira Correa

 “ I have used RenewProtect Blak on grey trim to bring it back to black, and black faded trim to make it look like new. Lasted two years at least, sold that car.  “  Carl G. Johnson