How to Restore, Ceramic Seal, & Preserve Signage and Awnings for Service

Maintenance Contracts:

The process of restoring and ceramic sealing signage, awnings, and glass can be done by anyone. When working with weathered substrates, it is simply a matter of resurfacing and preserving. We have provided instructional videos and product recommendations below. Renew Protect offers 3 options for treating signage:

Option 1: Wipe On
Renew Protect, SATN2 is designed for wipe-on restoration and protection. SATN2 will restore the color and surface integrity of vinyl, painted aluminum, and plastics. SATN2 works exceptionally well on heavily weathered surfaces which have developed an imperfect or porous surface. We first recommend a thorough cleaning of surfaces with a detergent and 10-20% ammonia. Scrub surface until oxidation is removed. 3M Scotch-Brite Light-Duty Cleansing Pads (98) work well for preparation. Dry with a spray of window cleaner and microfiber towel. Use a clean applicator pad to wipe on one or two light treatments of SATN2.

Renew Protect SATN2 is designed for restoration beyond original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. SATN2 creates an elastomeric copolymer bond and dry-seal finish. SATN2 is also infused with zinc and titanium oxides and fumed silica to block UV and ozone. The dry-seal repels dirt and water and creates a restored finish lasting 2 to 4 years. This technology also serves to retard “off-gassing” processes and greatly enhances the retention of OEM protective elements in surfaces. Signage with consistent southern exposure to UV and regular high humidity may require an annual treatment. For a self-cleaning, two-three year ceramic seal, please apply SATN2 2hrs or more after applying SATN2.

Option 2: Buff On
RP.04 is a nano-ceramic infused, polymer sealer designed as a one-step process for a polished hydrophobic finish. Use on glass, vinyl wrap and stickers, painted aluminum, aluminum, acrylic, Plexiglas, Lexan, Kovacel, PVC, polished stone, clear coats, and paint.

RP.04 contains an advanced abrasive blend to resurface and remove serious-to-light damage, oxidation, micro-contaminates, and graffiti. RP.04 leaves a hydrophobic, UV blocking, fine finish polish. Apply by hand or machine. Use of a palm sander or DA polisher is recommended. Use foam-cutting, polishing, and/or microfiber pads. Foam polishing pads are recommended for vinyl and microfiber pads for acrylics. Move machine steadily and slowly across surface in 3x3ft areas. Allow 10 minutes set time. Wipe clean only with a microfiber towel and/or a spray of GLAS or GLAS2. Change pads regularly and clean and dry after use. Always test area and vinyl before full usage. For an extreme, two-three year, self-cleaning ceramic seal, follow with a coating of GLAS2.

Option 3: New or Restored Surfaces – Self-Cleaning, Hydrophobic Ceramic Seal.
GLAS2 is unique, two-year wipe-on or spray-on blend of titanium, aluminum, zinc, diamond, and quartz nano-ceramics in an H2O base. GLAS2 creates a 9h Mohs covalent bond, UV-block, self-cleaning, hydrophobic seal. The ceramic seal blocks adherence of dirt, ice, graffiti, and environmental/industrial micro-contaminants. Applications can be layered for greater longevity.

Apply GLAS2 to clean and cool RP.04 or SATN2 restored or new surface in shaded area. Spray or wipe directly onto the surface with microfiber towel and/or ceramic applicator. Apply in 2x2ft workable areas. Wipe with a microfiber towel until dry and clear. For spray gun application a .5 tip is recommended for fogging surface then allow to dry. If finish dries hazed, spray and quickly wipe again or lightly buff with RP.04. Apply every two years or as desired.

1) Option to be used as final coating / added protection for all new exterior signage.
2) Maintenance service and product reapplication for all exterior signs in the field.

Product Info:

  • Water-based solvent
  • Can be applied over vinyl graphics (including digitally printed graphics)
  • Can be sprayed or wiped on
  • 2-Year outdoor durability
  • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic UV block
  • Drying time: 30 minutes. Immediately not tacky. Fully sets in 12hrs
  • Temperature range for application: 50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Graffiti protection (markers, spray paint)
  • Light gloss enhancement


  • Coverage rate, spray @ 2-3 microns, 5200 ft2/gal
  • Coverage rate, wipe-on @ 3 microns, 4000 ft2/gal
  • Clear, nanoceramic, covalent bond to substrate
  • Pencil hardness, 9h
  • Percent solids: 21%
  • Odor (liquid): slight
  • V.O.C. exempt, zero halogens
  • Dry to touch (time @ ambient): 10 min. average
  • UV block