Add 200% + Longevity & Preserve Signs, Vinyl, Awnings

New or Restored Surfaces – Self-Cleaning, Hydrophobic Ceramic Seal.

GLAS 1 & 2 is unique, two- to four- year wipe-on or spray-on blend of titanium, aluminum, zinc, diamond, and quartz nano-ceramics in an H2O base. GLAS2 creates a 9h Mohs covalent bond, UV-block, self-cleaning, hydrophobic seal. The ceramic seal blocks adherence of dirt, ice, graffiti, and environmental/industrial micro-contaminants. Applications can be layered for greater longevity. GLAS 1 & 2 are VOC compliant TiO2 and water base ceramics. Renew Protect GLAS 1 & 2 create a more durable ceramic seal and do not pit or encourage water spotting as silica base ceramics. GLAS 1 & 2 also are design for less shine or glare than the silica (SiO2) ceramics which currently saturate the ceramic market.

1) Used as final coating / added protection for all new exterior signage.
2) Maintenance service and product reapplication for all exterior signs in the field.

Product Info:

  • Water-based solvent
  • Can be applied over vinyl graphics (including digitally printed graphics)
  • Can be sprayed or wiped on
  • 2-4 Year outdoor durability
  • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic UV block
  • Drying time: 30 minutes. Immediately not tacky. Fully sets in 12hrs
  • Temperature range for application: 50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Graffiti protection (markers, spray paint)
  • Light gloss enhancement


  • Coverage rate, spray @ 2-3 microns, 5200 ft2/gal
  • Coverage rate, wipe-on @ 3 microns, 4000 ft2/gal
  • Clear, nanoceramic, covalent bond to substrate
  • Pencil hardness, 9h
  • Percent solids: 21%
  • Odor (liquid): slight
  • V.O.C. exempt, zero halogens
  • Dry to touch (time @ ambient): 10 min. average
  • UV block