How it Works: Ceramics CART, GLAS 1 & 2, RP.08 , RP.05, and RP.11

Ceramics can be thought of as close cousins of glass. Both materials are inorganic. Both have many useful physical properties and are formed by high temperature processes. And with the right composition and forming, both can be extremely hard and resistant to thermal shock, and suitable for use in harsh environments like outer space. When cured, this material will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, rigid, flexible glass shield.

The abilities of ceramics go well beyond those of traditional wax, sealers, and even clear coat paint. This technology is such a leap forward that high-end automakers in Europe are phasing out clear-coating and switching to ceramics.

Current pure-form ceramics on the market are not for consumer use. At Renew Protect, we do not recommend attempting application of these types of products. These expensive products require a trained professional for application, maintenance, and corrections.

Now a professional ceramic finish is possible for both consumers and fleet companies. Renew Protect ceramic-infused products offer a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. We develop and offer products made with the best and most advanced technology of the industry. CART, GLAS, RP.08, RP.05, and RP.11 combine titanium, quartz, and silica ceramics for extreme protective coatings.

Use on clear coat, Gelcoat, acrylic, paint, polished plastics, glass, clear vinyl, and vinyl wrap.

Renew Protect products are designed for maximum protection and longevity, thereby reducing your need for product purchasing, repeat applications, and washing. Renew Protect ceramics are blended with premium-level polymer sealer, resins, carnauba wax, and polish. They can be applied by traditional methods, by hand, or machine.

Renew Protect ceramic products provide:
• Permanent Protection
• Scratch Resistance
• Weather and UV Block
• High Thermal Resistance
• Chemical Resistance
• Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance
• High-Gloss Finish
• Super Hydrophobic Finish
• Self-Cleaning Finish