Customer Reviews

Todos estos productos son fantásticos y personalmente estoy muy contenta con los resultados. Los he probado todos. Son fáciles de aplicar y protegen mis vehículos de la naturaleza. Por supuesto que tengo preferencias Gloz hace que el interior de mis autos brille, el BLAK mantiene mi moldura exterior luciendo brillante y como nueva. Recientemente, aplique el RP.11 en todo el exterior de uno de mis vehículos y estoy encantada con los resultados. Recomiendo estos productos 100%.

Adriana Chasalow

The best investment we have made for restorations on carts in years. We Love It!

Debbie, Assistant Golf Professional
Southern Dunes Golf & CC

I could not be happier! Prior to my purchase of BLAK, I read many of the reviews and watched the company’s YouTube video on golf carts with the product. When the product arrived, it took me maybe 30 minutes you apply it to my golf cart.
Thank you Renew Protect for making my 12-year-old golf cart look brand new.
I love your product.

Mike B., Facility Manager

The Renew Protect products have proven to be absolutely wonderful.

Tim Wells, Duke University Golf Club

How often do you get giddy when you realize the product you bought (RP.11) blindly works way better than you imagined? It goes on easy and off even easier! A super wet luster is left behind (along with a satisfied smile) that would make any car showroom jealous. I have bought my fair share and then some of detailing products that barely work or just weren’t worth the work/cost. This one has me as a devotee and an evangelist.

Daniel Y. Ferguson

These products rock! I had been buying products off the shelf in automotive stores, when a friend turned me on to Renew Protect. Not only do they look great even after drying, they last many, many months. I have been doing a separate upcharge for trim restoration. The BLAK works like magic and takes literally a few minutes to apply.

Bill Coleman

This stuff is AWESOME! I I just got BLAK, SATN, & DASH a couple weeks ago! It beats anything I’ve ever used on cars! Made the scuff marks on my rubber mats disappear, and they are NOT SLIPPERY! Amazingly easy to put on. It actually really works and holds up, and it’s not greasy. The DASH makes stuff look new but doesn’t go away. All the black under the bonnet looks great too.

Ross Gobble

Wow, I’m taken aback by the quality of customer service! I love the products Renew and Protect offer but your level of professional courtesy involving communication and corrective action is remarkable! Thank you; it is much appreciated!

Stirling Pate

This product is AMAZING and does exactly what it says! I bought a used 2010 MINI and the black pieces on the car had faded from the sun. When we began applying this product, the difference was unbelievable! It literally made my car look 3 years newer! I am a skeptical person, so I wasn’t holding my breath when I bought this, but it is worth it’s weight in gold! Couldn’t ask for more!

Sean Angele

I will recommend this product highly. I mean VERY highly. After 2 years of just washing, it still looks good.

Teddy Finesman

My furniture looks brand new and it is 10 years old !.

Beth C.

The Renew Protect samples you sent worked great! We’d like to set up an account for purchasing by the gallon.

Mike Engler, Caddie Master, Colorado Golf Club

Used BLAK on sun-faded black trim on golf cart, and it looks amazing!!! Used the sponge brush to apply. Super easy, dried in 15 min. So very happy with the product. Set to buy more & use again on other vehicles. Excited to try GLOZ next.

Beth Redhead

My son ordered the product, and we put it on our boats over the weekend. I must say they look great. So much easier now to keep clean. Thanks so much for a great product!


I have used Renew Protect BLAK on grey trim to bring it back to black, and black-faded trim to make it look like new. Lasted two years at least, sold that car.

Carl G. Johnson

Just ordered one of each of the three choices. My friend let me try your product on my old saddlebags, and now I’m hooked.


Just got my first shipment in of BLAK and SATN. All I can say is WOW. Such a great product. Made a huge difference in my trim and tires.


I have used the Renew products on not only my antique and modern motorcycles but also my truck tires with great success. They have been through months of sunshine and rain and still look as black and shiny as the day I put it on. I would recommend the products for anyone wanting protection and that continuous “new look”.

Louie Hale
Dixie Chapter President
Antique Motorcycle Club of America

My scooter was 6 months old before I applied, and it brought it back to showroom quality! 🙂 Product is amazing. I love how dirt does not stick to it like Armor All. This product is no joke!

808 Garage

This stuff is amazing. I keep touching my tires because they look and feel brand new and don’t feel greasy.


To Renew Protect: That was big of you to do. It’s so All-American (private enterprise) of you. Obviously you proudly belong in the online business. I wish that all online businesses would operate as courteously and professionally as you do. I also received the package. What else can I say, but THANK YOU.


Check out the latest product called Renew Protect. Simply amazing and unlike anything ever seen or used before. We now use it on all the bikes in shop. We are national distributors, and we ship daily. Inquire within, or stop by for a free demonstration on your bike.

Moped Motion

I use this product at our body shop. The stuff rocks!


I finally got the chance to use the BLAK and GLOZ on my ’85 Venture’s seat and black plastics, and I am impressed!!!! The seat looks marvelous, and there is no greasy feel.


We are currently using it on all our showroom bikes, and the detail guys like it.

Wow Motorcycles

I tried Renew Protect; worked great, and I was shocked how far the small bottle went. Did 2 fairly large tractor tires inside and out including the tread – 2 coats, and have some left.


I purchased your product a few months back. I bought a used Chevy 2500 HD. The side panels, the fender wells, the bumpers, the mirrors, all looked terrible. They were faded very badly. I used the BLAK, and then the SATN. I went back to the dealer to ask a question, and they could not believe the results. I’d like to thank you for your product and your honesty. Your product works, and works well.


It is so refreshing to have a company respond so positively to a customer problem. I received the 12 oz GLOZ today! I’m looking forward to great results from this product. I’ll be sure to pass along my great experience with your company.
P.S. Thank you for the additional BLAK.

Perry Hawn

The BLAK and SATN are great! My 24-year-old son has done numerous jobs with the BLAK, from all of the black on his MINI Cooper to the knobs on our grill … showing it off to many of his friends. That stuff goes a long way. You have a wonderful product.