All automated washes utilize strong detergents and low hourly paid staff who can not be expected to have a professional understanding. It is never the best choice for washing a car and will lessen the longevity of any finish product on paint and trim.
Nothing beats a hand wash with soft tip brush and micro fiber towels.

I’m adding a few tips here for car care which I hope will help.
Never use silicone products ( Armor All® type products) in or out! We only use Renew Protect® products for this need on dash, trim and tires. It can handle numerous washes. Meguiar’s® makes a good leather treatment, etc, yet avoid their greasy silicone products. Only use soft tip brushes and micro fiber on any surface. Cotton, etc, will fine scratch clear coats and interior plastic, vinyl and acrylic. Use polish or similar on vinyl windows and never a cleaner. Furniture polish is great for this task and to clean and seal windshields, tinted glass and clear plastics on interiors. Waxes are short lived. Use a paint sealer or sealer fortified wax. Always follow directions.