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The Product

Renew Protect is a completely new approach to surface preservation. Renew Protect’s current product line- Satn, Blak, Gloz and Dash- is designed to restore and protect the appearance of tires, trim, rubber, vinyl, bed liners, plastic, finished leather, spa covers, patio furniture and more. Simply wipe on Satn, Blak, Gloz, once a year for a shield. Renew Protect restores original surface compositions and color, creates a UVA UVB block, and is fully weatherproof and motorcycle-safe. Renew Protect is also the only protectant to prevent dry rot. The Renew Protect treatment is composed of and restores beyond OEM specifications.

Simply wipe on Satn, Blak, Gloz or Dash for a dry-seal renewing treatment. Renew Protect repels dirt and water and provides a rich, new appearance that lasts 12 months plus. Renew Protect products provide unsurpassed UVA and UVB protection. Unlike all protectants currently on the market, Renew Protect products are fully motorcycle-safe and silcione and oil-free.

Our Founder

Our founder, Dorus Rudisill, comes from a long line of chemists; his grandfather, Thomas Carruthers, holds twenty one patents. Dorus has worked in the motorcycle, auto, and plane detailing industry for 25 years plus. He and his partners set out to create Renew Protect, the very top quality eco-friendly products on the market today.


We at Renew Protect believe in a shared responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. In 2016 Renew Protect will be utilizing PLA biodegradable packaging and seeking Green Seal approval.