I’m a big fan of all the Renew Protect products. I was introduced the BLAK by way of a sample bottle I got at an event. I now use it on all my vehicles.

Eric Peck

Love this stuff.

David Fox

Not the greatest photo but as you can see I am not a clean freak when it comes to my bike and there is clearly no dry rot after 8 years of owning the bike with the same tires and only 2 applications of Renew Protect. The mechanic that just tuned my bike up was amazed that those were the original equipment. He said he had never seen a set of tires of any kind last that long and still no sign of drying or cracking. There is no doubt that it was the Renew Protect.

Sgt. Flower

I am a big fan of this product. It worked so well my neighbor down the street bought the whole line. This product is awesome.

Mike Roberts

It is so refreshing to have a company respond so positively to a customer problem. I received the 12 oz GLOZ today! I’m  looking forward to great results from this product.  I’ll be sure to pass along my great experience with your company.

P.S.  Thank you for the additional BLAK.

Perry Hawn

I use BLAK my 2002 Cooper and it really did bring the black trim back to looking new. It has held up throughout the long hot summer here in Arizona where the car is outside in all weather. There is no sign of ‘greying’ again as we had with other products. Renew Protect is wonderful !

Shirley Blahak, Pres. Arizona Mini Owners

Ps you have a fantastic product and nothing else comes close.

Joe Cogliano

I had the pleasure of using some a couple months ago and loved the results!

Alex Dublin, Torque Performance Motorsports

Finally stop wasting my money and get my money’s worth thanks…life time customer.

Howard Stanley

Wow fantastic and great product.


Both Gloz and Blak worked as advertised! Best product in its class hands down.

Jorge Velarde

Just ordered one of each of the three choices. My friend let me try your product on my old saddlebags and now I’m hooked. Thanks!


This product is outstanding! I used two coats of BLAK on the trim and SATN on the wheels what a difference.

Steve Scales, www.minismd.org

My scoot was 6 years old before I applied and it brought it back to showroom quality! 🙂 Product is amazing. I love how dirt does not stick to it like armor all stuff. “This product is no joke !

Ryan, 808 Garage

I would definitely recommend to everyone… This stuff is like magic!

Knowles Otelia

I used Renew Protect on my household items, car tires and trim, I was very pleased with the results. Everything looked brand new. I would definitely recommend to everyone! This stuff is like magic!

Chris E

This stuff is AWESOME! I just got BLAK, SATN, & DASH a couple weeks ago! It Beats anything I’ve ever used on cars! Made the scuff marks on my rubber mats disappear, and they are NOT SLIPPERY! Amazingly easy to put on. It actually really works and holds up. And it’s not greasy like other products. The DASH makes stuff look new but doesn’t go away. All the black under the bonnet looks great too.

Ross Gobble


Darcey Watts

Superior product! No competition. 5 stars.

G. Faulkner

I received samples a couple weeks ago and we love the product.

Mike Engler, Caddie Master, Colorado Golf Club

Just got my first shipment in of Bak and Satn. All I can say is WOW. Such a great product. Made a huge difference in my trim and tires.


It’s no lie folks, I’m a professional detailer who has been using this product for a long while now, the stuff is great! and motorcycle safe.

Nicholas Nerone

THE STUFF FLAT WORKS….Not just on the flares but also on the Rubber mats too. Makes them have that factory shine all the time. Yeah its amazing stuff. Its NOT Slippery at all!


I purchased this product last summer. It has worked amazingly well. Used on plastic parts on a 2001 Volvo Tractor/truck. Large mirrors were a grey color. They are now Black, amazing. Been sitting out it’s whole life. I used on tires also. They look great.

Applied to ATV, looks new, used Blak on tires and black plastic… used Gloz on camo have washed a couple of times and it still looks like new. Put the Blak on 6 tires on my 5th wheel trailer.  They look new, but primary reason was to stop or slow down dry rot from sitting in sun. I am pleased.


I read about this in Trailer Life magazine. I now use this on my truck and camper and my company is now using this for all fleet autos. I am very happy with this product and one bottle goes a long way.


My detail manager has used your Dash product. I personally tried it today on a 2014Mercedes S class sedan, I loved the way it applied and looked.  The Renew Protect products are a great addition. Dash is working great, we love it!

Jesse Rodriguez, Vice President Operations, Splash

These products rock! I had been buying products off the shelf in automotive stores when a friend turned me onto Renew Protect. Not only do tires and trim look new even after drying, they last many, many months. I have been doing a separate upcharge for trim restoration. The Blak works like magic and takes literally a few minutes to apply.

Bill Coleman

I was dumb enough to leave my Spyder in the Arizona sun, uncovered for an entire summer while I was not riding it. The sun faded all the black plastic to a depressing gray. This product got it looking BETTER than new in 2 coats of blak. If you have a motorcycle you need this stuff. For the price and simplicity, you just can’t go wrong.


I have some old vinyl patio chairs that have been sitting in my back yard for years. I used Renew Protect on them on a whim and I couldn’t BELIEVE how good my chairs look. This stuff is awesome!


This stuff is amazing. I keep touching my tires because they look and feel brand new and don’t feel greasy.